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Control range of the construction technology
of functional powder of metal, oxide, fluoride and nitride

●We have dozens of processes for producing the nanoparticles of various metallic elements, not only Li, Sr, Ca and Mg but also Nd, Sm, Ta, Nb, Pt and Au. It is same as oxide. There are various ways to make oxide, especially compound oxide. Using just one process, making composition oxide is limited, and the method varies depending on the kind.
Liquid-phase reactions expand the possibility in various processes. We are now developing simple processes for producing nanoparticles of non-oxide-based compound such as a boron compound, iodide and carbide. We will soon manufacture them.

●We suggest and provide the most suitable material for each use depending on your request. You may need oxidation resistance, heat resistance, thermal conductivity, electronic conduction characteristics and magnetic characteristics. In response to those demand properties, we start the trial manufacture development after investigating and choosing materials and performing the model formation. When your request is theoretically impossible, we explain the reason and discuss how to make it possible.

●Depending on the request of the customer, we can accept trust development, joint development and the trial manufacture development. We will make reports and trial manufacture materials, which are chargeable.

●Our company is not a research just providing trial products. We are producing and selling industry materials. We can also make chargeable trial product depending on the request. (MOQ is 10 kg, we can also produce more than ton level.)

Control range of the creation technology
of functional powder of metal, oxide, fluoride and nitride

We have made various processes of special liquid-phase reactions, which enable us to mass-produce the materials, which are not easy, and which various domestic companies need. We also have provided them to the market at an industry price.
We can control the structure of well-known nanoparticles as well as the size. In addition, we have processes for producing metal nanoparticles and micron particles of Li and Sr, the materials that are difficult to reduce. Not only that, the processes for producing metal nanoparticles and oxide nanoparticles of Ta, Nb, and Mo etc.
We have expanded the facility enough to make the production capacity of nanoparticles around tons per month as powder. The price for the processing around tons is about $500/kg. We can produce metal nanoparticles, metal oxide nanoparticles and other metal compounds nanoparticles to demand specifications depending on your request. Please feel free to ask us about details.

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