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In light of the recent global environmental pollution and energy situation, in accordance with the basic action policy of SDGs, we are promoting the use of natural materials that are compatible with the environmental circulation cycle from the perspective of materials, and hydrogen fuel. We aim to develop batteries and high energy density battery materials, as well as provide new insect repellent, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal materials that come with natural materials, as well as insect repellent, anti-mold, and anti-septic materials from new perspectives.

Our company is unique in that we have various powder synthesis technologies and are currently exploring new powder manufacturing technologies. We aim to become a specialized powder technology group. Furthermore, we have the technology to create not only powders, but also dispersion liquids dispersed in solvents and coatings formed on the surface of powders, allowing us to provide the powders our customers need.

As a business that provides specific solutions to customers

  • 1.Consulting business for production technology and sales of results in the research and development process
    This assists in cases where even excellent research results cannot be mass-produced, costs are too high, or the market size is too small to commercialize. For example, we will consider assisting in the commercialization of the results of universities and various research institutes from a production perspective. We will discuss the cost with you. Basically, this is a business that requires a non-disclosure agreement and the premise is that the information will not be disclosed or used by our company. Remuneration is discussed and considered between both parties. We also conduct contract research and contract manufacturing technology development.
  • 2.Provision of new ideas and assistance in business succession for companies that have production equipment but do not have new products or are unable to inherit their business.
    This means that even if small and medium-sized enterprises only have worn-out equipment, there is a possibility that new products can be created using that equipment. On the other hand, there are some things that are difficult to handle with mass production equipment, so it is a challenge to create products with high added value. We aim to manufacture original products that cannot be made with mass production equipment by adding value from a new perspective, mainly to parts and items that can be sold to the market. We do not think of producing in large quantities and offering them cheaply. We develop products that allow us to sign non-disclosure agreements and apply for patents. We will discuss costs, including performance fees, and conclude a contract that is mutually acceptable.
  • 3.Providing organic materials for customers' products through development that emphasizes natural materials
    There are a variety of natural materials, including infrared reflective materials, ultraviolet absorbing materials, antiseptic materials, anti-mold materials, insect repellent materials, etc., and we make these materials into microparticles or paints to make them easier for customers to use. This is what we offer. This is basically a non-disclosure agreement with the customer and the aim is to apply for a patent, so the materials are not made public. We provide solutions depending on the customer's usage and desired performance.
  • 4.As a business that contributes to customers by providing new materials
    Our company has the technology and production equipment to synthesize nanoparticles of various inorganic materials. Specifically, these include insulating highly thermally conductive particles, completely reflective material particles that also have some transparency, fine particles for radiation shielding, low-temperature sintered metal nanoparticles, temperature catalyst nanoparticles that exhibit catalytic performance depending on the temperature, There are inorganic nanoparticles that have insecticidal properties. We are currently filing patent applications one after another, and two of the three applications have been registered. Our company aims to control the size and shape of various powders, including nanoparticles, from the synthesis of lithium metal nanoparticles, tantalum metal nanoparticles, magnetic particles such as FeCo alloy nanoparticles and barium ferrite particles. We manufacture everything from soft ferrite to soft ferrite.

    Basically, we synthesize nanoparticles that match the customer's application and production process, and are also considering optimizing surface treatment agents and making them into paints. Nanoparticles start from PM0.005 Since the level is PM0.5, there is a danger that if it exists as a dry powder, it will be dispersed as invisible smoke in the air, so we provide technical guidance and are careful about how to use it. Detailed technical information on particle synthesis methods and synthesized particles is introduced below.


We have made various processes of special liquid-phase reactions, which enable us to mass-produce the materials, which is not easy but various domestic companies need. We also have provided them to the market at an industry price.
We can control the structure, as well as the size, of well-known “nanoparticles”. In addition, we have processes for producing metal nanoparticles and micron particles of Li and Sr, the materials that are difficult to reduce. Not only that, we have the processes for producing metal nanoparticles and oxide nanoparticles of Ta, Nb, and Mo etc.
We have expanded the facility enough to make the production capacity of nanoparticles around tons per month as powder. The price for the processing around tons is about $500/kg. compounds nanoparticles to demand specifications depending on your request. Please feel free to ask us about details.

Evaluation service for batteries

There are many causes of deterioration of batteries.
We analyze which part of the battery deteriorates using "chemical impedance analyzer" made by Zahner zenium in Germany.


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